Tuesday 2 October 2012

We're motoring!

Hello Readers

Well so far the organisers of our Ambassador car rally are keeping us so busy that it's proving pretty much impossible to keep the blog updated and upload pictures.  We've already had an eventful few days, getting to know the car, the driving habits of locals (!!) and getting to know the other participants.  Who are a lovely and mixed bunch of characters.  Us navigators are also mastering the roadbooks which will give us all the directions we need to get to the end of the tour.  Thankfully this is not too difficult for me as I have navigated on rallies a few times before.

Car number 5 - you beauty!

Mr Jules (the driver) and I started the first day's 'proper' driving with a pooja ceremony to bless the cars and the organisers gave us an amazing send off with a Keralan drum band and holy elephant to see us safely on our way.  The first few minutes of driving were through hair-raising battering monsoon rain which made it impossible to see out of the window (only one windscreen wiper ha!). We have also already stopped off at an elephant sanctuary but we are hoping to see more elephants in the wild later on in the tour.

Now well on our way, we arrived last night in the beautiful fort city of Cochin.  Today we have a day off to sight-see, eat and shop (hoorah!)

Amazing drum group to send us off after a pooja ceremony to bless the car

A very special visitor came to see us!
One lucky rallyer got to steer her up the driveway
Our car is a lovely old lady and we seem to be getting on with her just fine.  But let's not tempt fate!

The head of the tour has found out that I am a blogger so I have promised to do a proper write-up for him at the end of the rally.  To that end I will probably sign off for now...and will do my full report at the end of next week.

Bye for now, hope you're all well!


Bathtime at the elephant sanctuary.  Do you think they've scubbed him too hard with a brillo pad?

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  1. Love the photos. Looking forward to reading about the rest of this amazing adventure.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger



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