Thursday 27 February 2014

Yes - I've been very quiet!

Dear Blog Readers

Apologies for the big gap in my posts.  It will amaze you to know that I have been very busy with NGO work and have really tried to make it a priority over the last few weeks.  Some amazing things are happening at the Foundation (which tackles malnutrition in Mumbai) and I have been working on the strategic planning side - in readiness for our new financial year.  

We've also just introduced an amazing new database which will allow us to finally shift away from thousands of paper records and will enable us to produce some impressive stats about the impact that the organisation has made on the community - but all in good time, I will report more fully on that another time.

Just in case you think I am telling is a picture from the Foundation's office this morning - when colleagues and I started inputting data into the new system.  (Yes, slightly boring work I have to admit!)

Please hang in there because I have a ridiculously long backlog of blogs to write from the other things I have been up to.  Lots of Tales of the City!

Thanks for your loyalty guys.

Kind regards

One of our lovely Mothers with Child.