Sunday 26 August 2012

Crocs : A Mumbaikar's Worst Best Friend

This post is dedicated to my old school friend Susie.  Susie, I know you're watching.

Susie and her beloved Crocs up a rocky crag in Greece

I have been experiencing - in my line of work - many problems keeping my feet clean and my shoes intact. Anybody who knows me well, knows that I am really funny about my feet (or feet in general). And really paranoid about getting about 'ick' on my feet.  So, what I really needed was a pair of plastic shoes that you can throw around, walk through mud (aka shit), wade through monsoon rainwater and not have to worry about whether you will catch hepatitis via blisters on your toes.

This problem has only one, dreadfully inexcusable and unfashionable solution: CROCS.  For years I have criticised Crocs and the wearer of Crocs - I have always declared "call the Fashion Police!!" when I have seen them being worn.  To me the biggest fashion crime are those Crocs which are bejewelled by their owners with diamante studs and cartoon characters.  Why would you treat your shoes like a Barbie Doll?  Perhaps because Crocs are OK for children but NOT for adults? Oh and don't even get me on to the fact that Crocs are an Australian invention...think Kylie Minogue in the 80s and the fact that Australian fashion sense has not  progressed since then and you will know what I mean. (Apologies dear Oz readers).  Oh yeah, and I won't mention Uggs either (dreadful). (Post Script: I stand corrected, Crocs are in fact a North American invention.  This kinds of makes me even more disappointed!!...and I still hate Uggs by the way)

Classic Crocs (left to centre)...Good for children, NOT good for adults!
I was trying to ignore the fact that many of my colleagues wear them, and even sometimes boast about their Crocs.  It's like they become a pet kitten to their owner - something to be adored and cooed at.  I was also trying to ignore Susie's taunts of "Buy Crocs, Buy Crocs, You Know You Want To!" every time I remarked in my blog about getting crap on my feet.

Anyway, after totally ruining my beloved leather silver ballet pumps last week in a slum situation (purchased at ballet pump heaven -  Blue Velvet on the Kings Road, London), I decided the time had come.  I told Mr Jules "it" had to be done.  We would have to face up to the fact that I would be visiting the Crocs store in Phoenix Mills and that I would no longer be a style princess.  Mr Jules remarked that divorce may be on the cards.

Inside the Crocs store, Phoenix Mills

So...I've been and done it. But ONLY, can I add, because they do non-Croc shaped crocs now. I just can't stand those clog shaped objects that only belong on the feet of social sector workers (oops that's me) and Guardian readers. Crocs have really branched out - they do ones shaped like my princess-ly ballet pumps and ones that look like deck shoes and a whole array of other designs. No excuse you say?  Am I now even trying to promote Crocs or something..have I totally lost my mind?

Crocs "walk in comfort, wear in style"...errr the first part of that statement may be true but I am not sure about the second!

Please be assured that "my name is Jules and I am a Crocoholic" is never something that will be uttered within these four walls, but, I have to say that I am secretly impressed by my new Crocs.  They are extremely comfortable (as Susie promised they would be) and they don't look so bad on. They even have bouncy soles so you feel like you are walking on air, even on the razor edges of Mumbai pavements.  Unfortunately the only design I really liked, was only available in white in my size...not a great colour for hiding brown water... but they do go nicely with my white Anya Hindmarch handbag.  So all is not lost.

Perhaps I should say, "Thanks Susie, you were right???".  Hmmmmm I will let Mr Jules answer that one!

Crocs Flip Flops....The Dreaded Toe Post on the Dreaded Croc. What a combination!

Crocs available (if you're desperate enough) at:
Skyzone part of High Street Phoenix
462, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel (West),
Mumbai - 400 013


  1. yes, crocs have really branched out and they can be worn to office any other place!!!

    i have the same pair in black :)

  2. I also wear Crocs but they are suede leather uppers and a polyurethane sole which makes them look like regular shoes and not like the Crocs I too would hate to wear anywhere!!!



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