Sunday 15 December 2013

The Freedom Tree - Quirky & Colourful Interiors

A new interiors find!

On the way back from the pet shop the other day, I noticed that a new interiors store called The Freedom Tree has opened in place of the grocery shop that was on the corner of 23rd and 28th Road in Bandra. As you know, I am never one to pass up the opportunity of investigating an interiors store - so I badgered the management to allow me to come in and take some photos for my readers.

Regular visitors to my blog will know that I am usually one for traditional stuff - colonial antiques, Indian handicrafts and the odd bit of repro-Art-Deco.  But this store has a contemporary, folksy yet innovative style that I have not seen in India before. With its bright patterns, Scandinavian appeal and colourful 50s influences, there is something very different on offer here.   

At first, I thought that this must be a foreign owned brand - perhaps Swedish, Danish or even British. But I learnt from the shop staff that everything is designed and manufactured right here in Mumbai by an Indian company.  There is even a well laid out Freedom Tree website where you can purchase all of their gorgeous products online.

The colours and the patterns will be especially appealing to a well-off, well-travelled younger generation. I can also imagine the excitement of first time home-owners or renters doing up their new apartments upon discovering the Freedom Tree.  And I know that the designs will definitely appeal to the expat community. I suspect that this shop is one of the only places in Bandra/Khar where you can buy decent crockery that actually has a design aesthetic!

There is also a nice selection of Christmassy items such as candleholders, wooden reindeer and hanging snowflakes. Go check it out!

Some images and sample prices (which include taxes):

A plethora of colour and pattern hits you as you enter the store.
The snowflake light in the top right hand corner is Rs 2,460
I love this 50s sofa combined with colonial style rattan  chairs.
Pink Sofa Rs 33,800. Wooden Chair 10,800

Selection of printed and handwoven rugs.
Rs 700 - 3,000 for the printed rugs, Up to Rs 5,000 for handwoven designs

Cushions and cushion covers . Rs 380 - 1,250
Downstairs is the kitchen/dining section.  Lots of beautiful pottery to choose from - mugs, plates etc
Mugs Rs 200-500

This would make a delightful sitting room for a new home-owner

One of my favourite items - the 50s  style desk (Rs 15,800) and chair (Rs 7,200)

The textiles are really eye catching - an eclectic collection for you to mix and match

How cool is this stool and matching cushion?  Love it! (Rs 12,600 for the stool)

Mumbai inspired embroidered cushion covers

Add to your Christmas collection with these candlesticks and glass Christmas tree (starting at Rs 1,080)

Cute Christmassy Camels - Swedish style

Mugs galore (Rs 200 - 500)

You could spend hours trying to choose napkins (Rs 500-700) and tablecloths here!
The patterns are bold and modern.

A good selection of glassware (Rs 100 - 300 each)

Pressed glass tumblers - you could use these as toothbrush holder too.

Funky bedding in bold prints (Rs 1,300 - 2,200 single to king sizes)

Mix and match lime patterned bedding on this space saving sofa-bed.

Candlesticks start at Rs 1,080
Candle jars - Rs 200

Above and below - love these French style bistro chairs - available in four colours (Rs 3,800)
in the shop but can be ordered in any colour from their palette. (Rs 600 extra)

Fabric is also available to purchase by the metre (Rs 400-600)

Lamps and lampshades...

Freedom Tree
Bandra Breeze, Plot no. 57/A,23rd-28th Road,
Bandra (W) Mumbai 400050
Tel : +91-22-26412999

Also at:

Unit 3-5, Neeru Silk Mills, 126 N.M. Joshi Marg, 
Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai 400013
Tel : +91-22-24914433

And there's a branch in Bangalore!  See website:


  1. Ooooh... Everything in this store looks lovely. I must check this out. Some great ideas for wedding presents.

  2. That looks like a delightful shop and I will certainly hope to go there on the next trip to Mumbai.

  3. This store looks amazing, I have lately been so disappointed with stores in Mumbai selling Indian handmade art and other stuff at such exorbitant prices, gobbling the margins themselves leaving little for the artisans. Definitely making a visit there soon.

    Looks like you're exploring Mumbai more than the regular Mumbaikar.

    In fact did you visit the Bombay Paperie store yet? You would love it. I had reviewed it a couple of months ago on my blog, do check the store

    1. Hello again! Yes has been often said that I have been to more places in Mumbai (and probably india!) than your average Mumbaikar. But when time is short (as an expat) then you have to make the most of your opportunities. There are lots of hidden gems in the city. Yes I have been to Bombay Paperie ...when I first arrived and loved it! But actually I prefer Chimanlals...very cheap and very colourful. I blogged on both:



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