Wednesday 29 May 2013

Photo Essay: Groups No. 4

It's been a while since I posted a collection of group shots. For new readers - it is a hobby of mine to randomly stop people who are standing/milling about/working/holidaying in groups - and get them to pose for a photo. Even better and more precious if they are all wearing the same uniform.  Yes....a slight obsession!

Here is my latest lot.  Thanks for stopping by!

Railway Porters - Lokmanya Tilak station in Kurla.  Love the bright red shirts.

A group of government drivers and a couple of guards - outside the
West Bengal Secretariat (Writers Building) Calcutta

Dancers in traditional Assamese costume - Kaziranga

Farm workers relaxing and chatting - Aarey Milk Colony

More farm workers - Aarey Milk Colony

Petrol pump workers at Kemps Corner Mumbai (the non-uniformed guy annoyingly slipped into this photo!)

Impeccably turned out waiters at the Trident Hotel, Bandra Kurla

Very naughty boys at a building site in Wadala (one of them threw a stone at me when I turned my back!)

Family group at My first Indian wedding

Three proud guards at Kaziranga National Park - protecting the endangered tiger with only WWII rifles

Nature Park trainees touring Kaziranga - looking a bit Mexican-Mafioso in their scarves and dark glasses.

You may have seen this one before - schoolgirls in traditional Assamese Costume 
A few non-posed subjects:

I wasn't brave enough to ask these holy men to pose but I love the bright orange (Calcutta)
Sarnath near Varanasi - Buddhist Monks mid chant
Not posing for me but a group nevertheless!  - Dabbawalas at Churchgate Station, Mumbai

My collection starts at:

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  1. Love all these pics and your recent posts. Just had a bit of a catch-up and its like reading my favourite travel mag! M x

    1. Aww thanks Vintage Jane that's such a compliment!

  2. absolutely them all.How was the wedding? Do you have more photos? We once had people throwing stones at us when we took pictures of women and (children!) working in the fields.Enjoy reading your blog very much.

    1. Hi - yes a fab wedding ...there's a link to the post in the caption of the wedding photo - you'll find more pictures there! Although I was struggling with my night settings a bit so they're not that great.

  3. Hi,your pictures are so nice :))

    I'm doing a research about supermarkets in India for my thesis. Would you like to help by completing this questionnaire (no more than 3 minutes !!):

    Thanks a lot for your help :)

    1. Dear Anonymous. I wouldn't normally answer a questionnaire but seeings as you are a student, I let you off ;) However it will be skewed because I am foreign - I am therefore in favour of high quality foreign supermarkets! Best of luck. BombayJules

  4. I too like clicking groups, especially school children at some trip, while they are posing before someone for thieir picture and I like to click their photographers also!

    Loved it.

    1. Thanks by stopping by Sunil! I am pleased that you also enjoy this pastime! - it seems to be something that you don't see anywhere else in the world!



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