Friday 15 March 2013

Return to Chor Bazaar

Following the little excursion to the Moorthy's antique emporium, MaximumCityMadam and I headed over to Chor Bazaar.  Since mentioning it in a post all the way back in June 2012 (read here), I have been back to Mutton Street quite a few times, picking up the odd small piece of furniture or knick-knack.  I just love it down there, browsing through the priceless antiques junk and going up and down the dusty narrow shops - occasionally trying to strike a deal with a Muslim shopkeeper.  Usually unsuccessfully!

Yesterday, I saw a few bits I would like - such as a colonial style desk (on which to pose my new Apple wonder-machine and do all my surfing the net humanitarian work from), and a very nice solid teak bookcase. These things will require further coercion of discussion with Mr Jules of course.  First of all I have to get my own way negotiate for that coffee table....

So the only thing I bought was a reconditioned Art Deco fan  - for a mere 2,200 Rs! (GBP 26).  It's so cool (and cooling) that even our cleaner remarked on it this morning.

Our new, reconditioned chrome Art Deco fan with GEC detailing for 2,200 Rs (GBP 26)!
- Definitely would not advise small children to go near this - health and safety not a priority! -
Purchased at JK Arts, 146 Mutton Street (virtually the very last shop on the second half of Mutton Street). I have been quoted 8,000 Rs for exactly the same fan at other dealers - so it pays to shop around!

Apart from that it was just nice to wander in the relatively ambient heat of Mutton Street whilst MCM tried to track down a standing lamp she'd seen in a picture, and a few drawer handles.  Successful on both fronts, a relatively small amount of money was exchanged for a solid brass floor lamp and we managed to knock down a shopkeeper to half of his ridiculous starting price for a very nice set of brass and glass drawer handles - actually by waiting for the shopkeeper to go out for lunch and negotiating with a shop assistant whilst his back was turned.  What goes around comes around!

Beautiful, colourful glass lanterns line the ceiling at Taherally's, 28 Mutton Street

Rosewood cabinet topped with vintage glass jars at Taherally's , 28 Mutton Street

Loving your blue window frame/curtain combo lady!
You will find lots of carved wooden animals including this Chinese Dragon mask.

Loads of craftsmen at work on Mutton Street - they tart up your finds after you have agreed a price.

A rummager's paradise

Love these colourful lanterns hanging outside one of the shops

Need a trumpet or a French horn?  Well this is the place to come!

There is one stall selling vintage trims
Plenty of eye-catching Bollywood posters to be found in Chor Bazaar
This is the shop where I bought mine...(good provenance)

Thanks for visiting....please stay tuned for my guide to shopping for colonial antiques in Mumbai later on in the month.

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  1. Is that GEC Art Deco fan newly reconditioned or totally new?!!! Some of the stuff available here is just manufactured yesterday!!! Especially the fake compasses, turntable phonographs, maritime sextants, cut-glass chandeliers, wall clocks and brass telescopes are mass produced with British manufacturing company names and logos, but try to use them and they will fail even the most basic tests for such precise instruments. So you need to know your antiques really well or they will really fool you!!!

    1. You like pouring water on my fire don't you? ;)
      Yes I know a lot of stuff in Chor Bazaar is repro...but I still like the Art Deco style of this. Actually, I think this one is reconditioned. I am not too fussed about precision instruments...along as it doesn't burst into flames then that's fine by me!