Tuesday 10 June 2014

The Changing Colours of the Mumbai Sky

Every so often, I take a photograph of the Arabian Sea from my living room balcony, with the same block of flats in the distance.  Perhaps when the light glows after dusk, or when the sun is setting - or when the sky is lit up by lightning or fireworks.  The view of the ocean in the distance and the colour of the sky is a fine barometer of the changing seasons or time of day in Mumbai.  

Sometimes the sea is obscured by smog, and sometimes the view is as crisp as anything.  June is a particularly interesting time of the year - when the clouds begin to gather in readiness for the monsoon.


Pre-monsoon and clouds begin to gather
June 2013 at 1pm and the view is crisp and the trees are a lush green 
The clouds obscure the setting sun at 7.30pm
Red sky at night...shepherd's delight (as we say in the UK)
1.45pm one September 2013 day and the monsoon lingers - the sun desperately tries to
peep out from behind the clouds.  Gathering kites speckle the sky.
A evening of lightning strikes make the sky a gorgeous purple
September 2013 - a pre-rain eerie bluey glow is cast on the buildings
Ganpati celebrations 
November 2013 - Diwali fireworks light up the block of flats.
November 2013 - the weather is cooler but the sea is almost obscured by the rising mist that
helps to make Mumbai smoggy-ish
The same day - the sunset is poor and sea is invisible
February 2014 - one of many stunning sunsets I have witnessed from our balcony
The scene today! So crisp!
Another pre-monsoon eerie glow at about 7.30pm last Sunday.
From last year  - a snap of lightning from the balcony at the back of the apartment - unfortunately I couldn't get such a picture of lightning over the sea.
Update: 13/06/14 - The dramatic scene last night as a monsoon cloud drifts by, dragging rain over the sea but not coming inland.


  1. Wow, these pictures are so pretty <3
    Mumbai, is just the perfect place to be,no? :)x



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