Tuesday 29 April 2014

Ubiquitous India: No 5 - The Cart

The Indian cart surely has to be a design classic?  A design that doesn't falter - four large spindly wheels on a sturdy frame with a wooden top.  And there is just no way that you would not see one of these if you were to go outside today.  They are to be found everywhere and they have a multitude of uses.  These unmotorised trollies are the perfect size for one-man-band business - they can be pushed fully loaded by just one person and are big enough to carry enough stock from which that person can make a living.  

This cart on a street corner near my home holds a carefully built pyramid of sweet limes.
The produce changes frequently depending on what's in season.
You mostly see them on street corners carrying the latest in-season fruit or veg.  Just the one choice - be it mangos, strawberries, grapes, jackfruit etc etc.  But they are so versatile that I have seen them being used to carry music equipment in a parade, I've seen goats sitting on them and I've seen them being used to haul Gods across Mumbai during Ganpati.  There is even a cart at one of the offices where I work that has been painted and converted into a kitchen table.  It looks very cool!

As with all my Ubiquitous India posts...I have lots of photos:

Housewives surround this cart in squalid conditions to haggle for potatoes (Khar)
This trolley is being used to carry music equipment during a parade (and has it's own DJ by the looks of it!)
At Worli Fishing Village - a goat rests on this cart!

At Sewri - a vendor sells watermelon juice to truck drivers
Above and below: When grapes were in season 

A street vendor hauls his stock of tomatoes through the Mumbai traffic
I found this chap with the rather nice side parting in Dhobi Ghat. Note his old fashioned weighing scales.

Paltry offerings from these Gujurati street vendors
In Aarey Milk Colony - fried foodstuffs and tea available from this lady (note the decorated frame) 
During Holi - a rainbow of coloured powders being sold
Hundreds of neatly stacked baked biscuits (Jodhpur)
Plenty of room underneath for additional storage!

And today's star attraction? Melons and Mangoes!

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