Monday 4 February 2013

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

We went down to the arty Kala Ghoda district on Saturday to catch a glimpse of the annual festival.

Despite the fact it was supposed to be in full swing from 2nd February, many artists seemed to be still setting up their pieces.  Some of the stuff was arriving in blue plastic bags and some of it was lying around on the ground.  Typical disrespect for things of supposed beauty!  Actually, between you and me, I didn't have particularly high regard for the art being shown around Rampart Street.  It looked more like a load of kids had gone crazy with used washing up bottles, some glitter and a stick of glue.  I do think that Indians excel at the traditional arts, and not at this modern interpretive nonsense.  But that's just my opinion. 

And I was delighted to see that 'Festival' was actually a euphemism for 'market' - for there was a whole avenue of stalls set up on Rampart Street selling Indian handicrafts!  Oh Joy!  Of course I couldn't resist a handstitched Kantha bedspread in a pretty floral/bird design that Mr Jules allowed me to buy (although he thinks it too 'girly' for the spare room).

We followed our morning of culture and shopping with a magnificent lunch at Khyber with MaximumCityMadam and her family.  The Chicken Mughlai was to die for!

Some images:

Hand-stitched bedspreads...yay!

Some NGOs, such as Akanksha have stalls at the Festival

Hungry Bum

We couldn't work out if these bins were part of the exhibition...or if they were still trying to clean up before the show

This 'sculpture' has glitter ball eyes that swivel and smoke that comes out of its nose.  

Pieces of 'art' arriving in blue plastic bags

I quite liked this Ambassador car with rupee mosaic

More bits of art lying on the floor waiting to be strung up

Art...or child's play?

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is on until 10th February.  There are many more exhibitions to see than the above displays in Rampart Street - other locations include Horniman Circle and the David Sassoon Library opposite the Jehangir Gallery.  A full listing is here. There are also heritage walks and things for kids to do.  Of course the best bit is the shopping.....


  1. Hey Julia, so did you end up buying some arty stuff or not?

    1. No I didn't! And unless they were selling anything other than recycled water bottles, then I won't either! ;-)

  2. Would you happen to have any information on the artist of the ambassador car with the rupee coin mosaic? His/her name, perhaps?



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