Monday 21 January 2013

Mumbai Marathon...tick!

OK not quite tick.  For one it was was my friend The Jolly Runner who ran it and not me.  And secondly, I only did the 6k Dream Run (which I walked!).  But what a great day.  The Jolly Runner ran the Half Marathon in a very impressive 2 hrs 29 secs, raising much needed funds for my NGO.  Along with 30 other marathon runners, we also managed to get a group of about 65 staff and committee members and supporters/donors to walk the 6k Dream Run - and it was a really fun day.  Thousands of pounds were raised to fight the scourge of malnutrition in Mumbai - thank you to my in-laws for sponsoring The Jolly Runner and to anyone else reading this who took part and raised funds for FMCH. A truly memorable day.
The Jolly Runner with her Half Marathon Medal (that's 21 kms to you and me!)
So now I am putting my 'Back Soon' sign up again.  For the Jolly Runner and I are about to go on a week of travels.  Firstly visiting the Taj Mahal (yes, the third time for me!) followed by five days in Kerala - Cochin, Munnar and Kumarakom in the backwaters. Unfortunately Mr Jules gets left behind whilst I am off enjoying myself. Sorry Mr Jules, I will miss you!
I will have so much to report when I get back including some more photos of the marathon and the amazing Indian wedding that The Jolly Runner and I attended a few days ago.  And I am sure there will be one or two photos from our trip.
So bye for now, I will be back at the end of January!
Staff, committee members and our wonderful 6k Dream Run supporters (and a couple of shadows)
Coming up the flyover
Tens of thousands took part in the Dream Run/Walk
The Team - mission accomplished!


  1. A beautiful cause to support by your running and walking.

  2. Well done! Enjoy your holiday!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger



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