Sunday 24 June 2012

Eat : Sancho's (Bandra West)

Mr Jules and I had a great mid-week meal out at this Mexican establishment located in Bandra West.

We turned up quite early - around 7.30 so the place was pretty empty but the ambience was still nice with low lighting and its authentically styled (but not gawdy) interior.

Mr Jules had the Habanero Prawns to start - delectable juicy large prawns in a spicy sauce (with bizarrely a side of fries).  I believe this is one of their signature dishes which had already come highly recommended by a friend.  I had the potato skins - four large and generously filled skins with cheese and sour cream.  Very nice but too much for one.  Need to remember that most portions in this city feed double!

Habanero Prawn Starter...with fries!

For mains, I had a pork burrito.  It was large and satisfying and my only criticism is that perhaps it could have done with a bit more cheese or sour cream but certainly the pork itself was good quality, well cooked and better than I was expecting.  Mr Jules had an enchilada stuffed with chilli con carne that came baked in a dish smothered with cheese.  The verdict was that it was very tasty. 

Chilli Enchilada (above).  Pork Burrito (below)
Drinks-wise, many of items on the drinks menu were not available when we requested them, like Hoegarden and Stella and the particular brand of French wine they were advertising.  From memory, I am not sure that Kingfisher or Sula (Indian wine) was even offered on the menu.  Anyway, whatever drinks we ended up with were perfectly satisfactory even if the measly measure of white wine was expensive at 480 rupees.

We were too stuffed to have dessert but amongst others, they offer churros and 'three milk cake' which is probably like crema catalana.

Generally, we found the service to be much better than most other western style restaurants we have been to and the cooking pretty much came up to London standards (a very high standard to reach!). All in all, Sancho's comes highly recommmended and I can imagine it would be great fun for a large office or family gathering.  I must try the cocktails next time!

Our two course meal for two with wine, beer, water and service came to about 3,400 rupees(£40/$65) but that's because the alcohol makes it more expensive.  Main courses average at around 395 rupees (£4.50/$7.50)

Sancho's Restaurant
Tel: 022 67094455                                                   
Address: Pinnacle House, Junction of PD Hinduja and 15th Road, Bandra West



  1. Three milk cake is tres leches cake, not crema catalana but it is as divine and decadent. Maybe even more.

    PS Your blog is fantastic.

    1. Sorry I didn't reply to this Sheena...been on my travels! Thanks for correcting...didn't have the menu in front of me during writing and my memory isn't what it used to be! Thanks for reading and for the compliment. BombayJules



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