Saturday 5 April 2014

Return to Camelot (and a new Del Trotter Bar!)

This is the one you've been waiting for folks!  For me to finally go antiques shopping again.  Well it's the Camelot sale from today until 8th April and there was no way I was going to miss it.

I hadn't been to Camelot for ages - partly to do with having a dog which stops me going shopping - (much to the joy of Mr Jules), and partly because I've actually already stocked up quite nicely at home. Soon there will be room for nothing else in our apartment.  Including us.

But (and apologies to my father-in-law who hates me starting sentences with buts and ands!) today's trip was very fruitful.  The store (which is set in a beautiful colonial villa at Kemps Corner) was full to the brim with gorgeous colonial and Art Deco antiques - all the stuff I just love!  I was actually just looking for a desk chair - to go with the desk I bought from Jogeshwari - but alas I got there too late. The one I liked had already been sold. I remember the last time there was a sale on at Camelot and someone got there before me and stuck their names on everything I liked...give me a chance next time huh?!

Having said that, I did find a teak Art Deco bookcase with glass doors and...wait for it...a cocktail cabinet that turns into a bar!  Ever since I started watching Only Fools & Horses on UK TV back in the 70s, I have hankered after a bar for my own sitting room.  I think that no home should be without one. The version I purchased is slightly more elegant than Del Trotter's though.  It is original Art Deco with stainless steel detailing, mirrored glass doors at the back - and has plenty of slots for bottles and glasses inside.  Where it is actually going to go in our apartment I have no idea - but surely there will be a drinks party at Chez Jules very soon!

Our new cocktail cabinet with the side leaves pulled out to make a bar.  I just love the metal detailing.

Internally - glass and bottle slots and mirrored doors on the back.

With the side leaves folded in - it makes for a more subtle drinks cabinet.
The Only Fools & Horses roomset with bar to the rear.  Tacky or what!
Even if you don't make the Camelot sale - do pop along when you can because the prices continue to be extremely reasonable when compared to Moorthy's and even Chor Bazaar (and you can be assured of good quality and personal service at Camelot).

Here are the pics...thanks for joining me on my latest shopping trip.

Beautifully restored and upholstered piece and plenty of side-tables.

Interesting print used on the sofas in the foreground

Gorgeous antique dining table that can seat a very large family. 1.25 Lakh Rs
Art Deco mirror with coathooks for your hallway

Camelot is currently stocking some very cool, repro lighting.  This sidelamp is 6,000 Rs

I was tempted by this highly polished dining table - quite small and would seat 4 comfortably. 39,000 Rs in the sale.  £390/$500

Very cool industrial style art deco light - 15,000 Rs from memory (enquire).

6,000 Rs (£60/$90)

Also very tempted by this film-style light. 24,000 Rs (£240/$350)

Colonial style furniture which would look great in a conservatory

We also purchased this Art Deco bookcase.  I had been looking for one I like for two years!
Will my match my desk from Oshiwara antiques market perfectly.
Me and Mr Jules?
Colonial & Antique Furniture
127 Kemps Corner
Next to Om Chambers
Tel: 91 (22) 2364 4594

Sale on until 8th April.  You snooze, you lose.

Read my original post about Camelot here


  1. I really like your posts about antique furniture,,,,,,


    1. Thank you Irfan...I wish there were some more!

  2. Jules, Your acquisitions are absolutely "to die for"! So, so gorgeous!!! I guess that they are made out of teak as you indicated as was your desk?

    In the desk post you did promise to have some photos of the area "all tarted up" and I would like to be advised where I can see these pics.

    Also, I was interested to find that Mumbai has the largest number of art deco building after Miami and wonder whether you had ever done a post on those. I would be most interested,

    Stunning photos, as usual, and such interesting information.

    Mr. Jules knows that those are fabulous investments and I am sure that he is secretly very proud!

    1. Thanks so much I am glad you like them! It was love at first sight ;-)

      OK, so yes I did promise to show a vignette of my desk 'tarted up'. I have a lovely lamp from Contemporary Arts & Crafts on it but now my computer is on the desk and a load of messy papers, I do not feel like putting a picture up of it!

      Yes that is right - the is a huge number of Art Deco buildings in Mumbai - lots of 1930s bungalows and a long line of apartment buildings along Marine Drive. I have not done a blog about it although I seem to remember that I also promised a post on the subject a long time ago! I do have a great book called Bombay Art Deco by Navin Ramani that may be of interest to you? Currently available on

      Thanks for your compliments and for following the blog!

    2. Jules, Thanks for the information about the book.

      Was so interesting though that today after I had read a bit about art deco, I noticed a movie theater here that is built in the art deco style. Have passed it time and time again but didn 't previously bother to think about the style of architecture. Thanks so much for the lesson!

  3. Its only coz of ur blog that I am able to see such beautiful and high priced furniture. The lampshade made using a tripod is really interesting. I have a tripod at my home and its not being used at all. Thinking of trying to make a lampshade out of it! - Umesh



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