Sunday 8 July 2012

Shop: Pictures For Our Pad

Feeling that the walls of our apartment were somewhat lacking in character, I decided to go out and acquire a whole load of Indian style pictures/art/paintings.  Well actually I bought one painting from Baaya Design in Raghuvanshi Mills and then the salesman talked me into buying several more.  Now he thinks it's Christmas every time I walk into his store.  Mr Jules knew nothing of my art acquiring exploits until these items magically appeared in the apartment.

Here are the results:

Very large black ink painting on silk from a Tribal Village in Orissa.  Tells a story which I am yet to figure out.

Goes nicely over our sofa if you can ignore the flourescent tube lighting  
(Saggy sofa for lounging from Le Mill, cushions from beloved Good Earth)

Two Madhubani Paintings (or Mithila Art as originates from Mithila region of Bihar) is characterised by double line drawings filled in with bright contrasting colours and intricate patterns.  There seems to be an orange theme emerging in our sitting room so these match perfectly.  Chrome light from FabIndia.

This is a Gond Tribal painting originating from Madhya Pradesh (with a reflection of my arm).  Gond paintings express rituals or practices linked to their day-to-day lives, religious sentiments and devotions.  They are done by tribal women of the village using simple homemade colours and with objects of daily life being depicted - such as horses, elephants, tiger, birds, gods and men.

The colours of the painting perfectly match the cushions in the
guest bedroom (from Good Earth)

Another Gond Painting depicting birds, this time in plain black on cream background.

Ties in with this gorgeous colonial Goan-Portuguese rosewood
and rattan bedroom chair that we acquired from Chor Bazaar

I love these fun vintage Bollywood posters that we picked up in Chor Bazaar for about £3 each(Mr Jules had some say in this purchase).  However the framing was about £60 each!  We don't have a clue what they say, hopefully someone will be able to explain them to us at some point.

Baaya Design: 
11/12, Raghuvanshi Mills Compounds, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013

(Near the big Good Earth shop in Raghuvanshi Mills)

Chor Bazaar (see my previous posting)


  1. Hello! Don't know how I reached your blog, but I must say it's a happy accident. Will look forward to your posts. A tad late, but welcome to Bombay/Mumbai. Hope it treats you well.


    PS: The poster on the left says "Meri Qurbani" meaning "My Sacrifice". The other one is not a Bollywood (aka Hindi) film. The language looks Gujarati to me.

    1. Hi J (I see you are as anonymous as I am!)

      I am so thrilled you have translated one of the pictures for us! I thought Meri Qurbani was the name of the actress. And now I also know the guy in the Chor Bazaar conned us by telling us the other poster was Bollywood (haha)...but no matter we just like the colours.

      Mumbai is a great city, I hope to continue enjoying it for a while yet.
      Thanks again for reasing and best wishes from BombayJules

  2. I'm only anonymous because I used to get unnecessary Facebook friend requests when my name was visible, especially with me being active on Twitter. It's a double-edged sword, this internet and social media jazz. :)

    Glad you're enjoying the city. It can be quite an assault on the senses, and there are days when I wonder why I still love it. But then, it's my home for as long as I've lived.

  3. Jalim Singh Jadeja is the name of the Gujarati film poster on the right. Definitely not a Bollywood film but made in India for sure!!!



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