Tuesday 18 December 2012

Shop : Contemporary Arts & Crafts (Mumbai)

A new Mumbai home furnishings store discovery! I can not believe that in the six months I have lived in Mumbai, I have missed this golden shopping gem!  It was only when I went to visit the December Paramparik Karigar art exhibition with MaximumCityMadam - that I found it when she took me off on a flyby retail therapy tour that included CAC (!). 

Anyway, impressed by the store, I went back yesterday to pick up one or two extra decorations for our Christmas tree and to ask the store manager if it would be OK to take some photos and mention CAC on my blog.  He happily obliged.

I really do like this shop which is nicely laid out, spacious and airy. It retails a mixture of classic and contemporary Indian art and crafts (literally, per the name) but it also has a good selection of modern home accessories, suitable for anyone setting up a new home in town.  The merchandiser has lovely taste - everything is nice quality and colourful with some slightly quirky items thrown in.  The pieces of furniture include the odd armoire, towel stands, nesting tables, delightful carved mirrors and colourful painted benches and nightstands.  The art is well curated.  Currently, there are huge works of "Mata Ni Pachedi", (a form of Kalamkri art, but produced in Gujurat) as well as some pretty, smaller Gond paintings.

Beautifully curated selection of art
On the accessories front, there is an extensive range of cushion covers - some with black and white images of Mughal royalty (Mr Jules, who later met me in the shop liked those), some with applique details in softer pastel shades, rectangular velvet covers with pearl embroidery, and even some red and white American Shaker style cushions.  There are also quilted bed covers for about 4,500 Rs (the sort that you pay the earth for in Good Earth), as well as hand-embroidered throws from Kutch.

Mr Jules liked these fun sepia cushions
My obsession....hand stitched Kutch style throws.
There are accessories for every room in the house here - for the dining room, I found gorgeous bone serving spoons and forks, a myriad of table mats and napkins, funky lacquered and metal trays (from 2,250 Rs), loads of different wooden trays (some painted) and a good selection of candle holders.  The crockery is colourful and hard wearing, perfect for the Indian home.  For the bathroom, there are some classic soap dispensers, trays and soap dishes in stainless steel and mother of pearl.

Love these colourful, folksy metal cups
One thing I do find hard to find in Mumbai are decent table lamps at affordable prices. I found a good selection in CAC and may have to go back to buy one at a later date.  In fact all the prices at CAC are reasonable by western standards.

CAC is also full of great gift options - I wish I'd found this place in time for my Mumbai Christmas Shopping Guide!  Ideas include jewellery made out of metal and semi-precious gems (though not particularly unique), silk bags and pashminas, adorable Panchatrantra stationery, the aforementioned cushion covers, photo frames and tissue box covers in mother-of-pearl and small hand-drawn pieces of art.  I also really liked the large handmade dolls for little girls (currently reduced from 650 to 450 Rs). 

Contemporary Arts & Crafts Store Mumbai (CAC)

If you have chance to go this week, CAC have erected a beautiful Christmas tree in the store which is worth a look at and there are still some unique Christmas tree decorations to be had at 20-30% off. Be quick!

Contemporary Arts & Crafts (CAC)
Ground Floor
Taj Building
210 D, Naoroji Road, Fort
Mumbai 400 001
www.cac.co.in (website under construction)

There are also branches in Pune and Hyderabad, check the website above for addresses. The Mumbai store is around the corner from my favourite stationery store, Chimanlals.

You can find the very entertaining blog of MaximumCityMadam here


  1. Isn't it great to find somewhere new that you love! Looks like a really interesting place.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Wow- that looks like a great place:-) Beautiful shop- I will certainly check it out:-)Thanks for sharing:-) Eli expatliv.blogspot.in



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