Saturday 22 December 2012

Photo Essay : Groups No 2.

This is the second in my series of photos of Indian Groups (original post here). The first is my favourite - Indian Santas and Elves that I snapped in a shopping mall today...very topical!  The rest of the pictures are from my recent travels.  Thanks for looking!

The following photos were all taken at the Taj Mahal in November - there were lots of rural folk visiting that day who delighted in having their pictures taken:

Love the colours

There were two of us taking photos and they didn't know which camera to look at!

These naughty looking schoolboys wanted to pose for me outside the entrance to the Taj Mahal

Taken at Amber Fort - can you believe that these policemen let me take their photo?!
(The one on the right is not asleep by the way, despite appearances!)

I snuck in to snap this group of friends at Agra Fort, October 2012

Also at Agra Fort - I liked that they are all wearing white (although possibly the sign of a death in the family???)
These ladies in their colourful saris were dancers at a spice plantation we visited in Goa - every time someone entered the plantation (more of a theme park really), a bell would be rung and they would get up to do their little welcoming song and dance.  Poor things, stuck forever in Ground Hog Day.


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  1. Love all your people shots, the colours are gorgeous! Just found your blog through Shortbread & Ginger : -)



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