Tuesday 16 October 2012

Photo Essay : Groups

I have recently developed an obsession for photographing groups of Indian folk.  I have no shame in stopping a group of workmen, employees, children or people holidaying and asking them to pose for me.  This has led to quite a collection of photoed groups, the first of which I will post today. 

Despite absolutely loving having their photographs taken by a foreigner, the older subjects rarely smile - much in the manner of early 1900s posed sepia shots. 

Some of these pictures you may have seen before but thanks for looking anyway!

Valet carparking attendants outside Phoenix Market City shopping mall...with Ronald McDonald

Barbers taking a break outside Kings Hairdressers in Bandra

BMC (Council) workers who were fixing a wall in Hanging Gardens of Malabar Hill

Holidaymakers who were on a steam train trip to Coonoor - drat, I cut their feet off.

Teenagers bunking off school at Kanheri Caves

Ambassador taxi drivers, Kerala

Keralan Drum Band

Women working on a grass verge, Kerala (this one is a bit of a cheat as I was whizzing past in a car)

A family visiting Ooty Botanical Gardens
See - this should could easily have been taken at the beginning of the last century!

Schoolkids causing havoc at the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai
Five ladies at a hotel near Calicut
I stole a photo of this group of friends in the hanging gardens of Malabar Hill

A group of college students holding a remnant of Navratri festival they found on Chowpatty beach
Lovely ladies working in a sari shop in Mysore
 Have you noticed how five is the magic number?

Postscript: Follow up post - Groups No 2. is here


  1. Great photos - especially the first one with Mr McDonald!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Thanks Liz...I love the love of having a photo taken here! My favourite is the second one (and the first one I took that started my craze)..the group of barbers. They were super relaxed!



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